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The Gospel of Jesus in Genesis Genealogy

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Adam through Noah

The content of the Bible is over two-thirds prophecy. A great majority of the prophecies in the Bible are very overt, out there for the world to see and a great many sermons have been made about them.
Did you know that there is an abundance of prophecy about Jesus that is covert? It is true. Jesus is not just alluded to or even named in just the New Testament. His act of love and sacrifice is spoken of throughout the Bible, even in the Old Testament.
In the book of Hebrews 10:7 Jesus proclaims that the volume of the book is written of him. What book? The Gospel was still being written. He was speaking of everything written up to that point.
Need proof? Here we go!
In the fifth chapter of Genesis we have the genealogy of Adam through Noah. While most of our names may not have special meaning, the names of these ten men where meant to send us a special message thousands of years before Jesus died on the cross for us.
Lets look at the meanings of the names in Hebrew.
Adam= Man
Seth= Appointed
Enosh= Mortal
Kenan= Sorrow
Mahalalel= Blessed God
Jared= To/shall come down
Enoch= Teaching
Methusela= His death shall bring (note- Methuselas death brought the flood).
Lamech= Despairing
Noah= Comfort
Lets put this in a sentence.
"Man (is) appointed mortal sorrow. But the blessed God shall come down teaching that his death (Gods death?) will bring the despairing comfort."
Amazing! Even more amazing is that this is not the first allusion to Jesus in the Bible. You can find him in Genesis 1:1, but that's for another post.
Thank you everyone,
God Bless.
J W Jenkins

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