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The Authenticity of the Bible

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You Can Trust the Bible

Often I look for my answers to the current social, political, and moral climate in the Bible. While I am able to process critical thinking on my own and have a high moral value, I make sure to check myself with what the Bible says.

Like most, I use the fastest mode of checking, the internet. More and more I am finding not only a twisting of the Bible to fit someone's low moral code or to stand up for new laws that are cringe-worthy to anyone that values life but an all-out attack on the Bible and Christianity as a whole.

If, as a Christian, you study your Bible you will be able to see through the quagmire of misinformation and know you can trust it.

I am just going to share a few things here, not in depth because the information needs to be digestible, but enough to give you a defense against anti-biblical teachings should you need it.

The Bible is Proveable

One of the things that I have heard people claim is that the Bible can't be proven, even some Christians will say you can't prove the Bible, this is wrong.

Through archaeology, many cities, writings, buildings and other things such as signet rings have been found exactly as described in the Bible. Youtube: 40 Archeology facts...

The Bible is Layered

Okay, let's first get it out of the way that the following is not numerology or anything like that. There is a repeating theme in the Bible that I believe God put there just for times such as these. The protective layer that makes it impossible to disprove the Bible is called Equadistant Letter Sequencing and is serious enough to have been used by the U.S. government in concert with the Old Testament. I already have a post about it so here's the link to read it. ELS

Meet the Team

Write something about the people who make your business go or your philosophy behind customer service.
Why? Because people want to know who they're doing business with. It's a human thing.


The Septuagint

Written 400 years before Christ

During this time the Jewish people were living in Greek society. The Hebrew language was much a religious language just like Latin is today for the Catholic Church. The Septuagint is the Old Testament translated into Greek. This is of great importance when faced with the accusation that some of the books like Daniel were written later than the Bible says. This is mainly done to try to challenge the authorship of the book.


red sea crossing

Red Sea Crossing

Found by Archaeologist

In Biblical history, God sent Moses to free the Jewish people from slavery in Egypt. The Pharaoh refused multiple times and after each refusal, God sent a plague upon the Egyptian people. This culminated into the Pharoah letting the Hebrew people go, and their flight from Egypt.

Pharaoh, in his anger decided to ride down the Hebrews and kill them, but God split the sea for Moses and his people to escape. Youtube: Red Sea Crossing Found.


christ on cross

Proof of Jesus

They Will try to Deny Him

The best way to attack one's faith is to try to obliterate the basis of their faith as never existing. If what you believe, never existed then there is no need to disprove anything after its beginning. This is a tactic you may be faced with.

Study, study, study, this is so important. In today's social climate we cannot use circular reasoning by saying something is true because the Bible says it is. We have to go outside the Bible to things like historical text, such as we have from Tacitus in the connected video. Youtube: Historical account of Jesus

Thank you all I am more than happy to have further more in-depth discussion on any of the above subjects, or anything Biblical at all on either Facebook, Twitter, or the comments below.

God Bless

J.W. Jenkins

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