Mon. Jan 20th, 2020

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Heptadic Structure of the Bible-Use of sevens

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Whether it be seven days of creation, seven churches in revelation, or multiples of sevens such as the seventy weeks of Daniel, we can not deny that the Bible is heavily rooted in the use of sevens. This structure has been studied by great minds and there is a great amount of information and proof, not only from the teachings of others such as Chuck Missler, but apparent to anyone reading the Bible.

Mathematically the way in which the heptadic structure is used in the Bible is impossible without the use of a computer, or even a super computer. It would seem then, that there must be a source beyond human comprehension that would allow this structure to be embedded within the text of the Bible. The writers of the Bible had no idea what a computer was, this structure was one (of many) way that God himself is able to say: 'Those reading these words are assured that they are true'.

I leave you with a link to a short video, only 11:35 long were Chuck Missler describes the impossibilities of this happening by chance.

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