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Hebrew Camp in Numbers 2 is Proclaiming Jesus.

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Don’t feel bad, we’ve all been there. Genealogies and numbers that make our eyelids droop or just skip over completely.  We must realize that every word is there for a reason, the names in a certain order for a reason, and numbers are there for a reason.  God is in control, always. He places everything there for us to find. 

Numbers Chapter 2

In Numbers 2, God tells Moses and Aaron how the Israelite people will have to set up camp. They were to set up into four camps of three tribes each. God also tells us the population of each tribe, but why? It seems that there is a reason that God was so specific. 

The Camp

To the east the tribes of Judah, Issachar, and Zebulun made the camp of Judah

To the west the tribes of Ephraim, Manasseh, and Benjamin made the camp of Ephraim. 

To the south the tribes of Rueben, Simeon, and Gad made the camp of Reuben.

To the north the tribes of Dan, Asher, and Naphtali, made the camp of Dan. 

In the center the temple was set up with Moses, and the Levites. 

The command was for the camps to set up to the north, south , east, and west of the temple only. Cardinal directions only, they would not have set up to the ordinal directions i.e. NW, SE, etc..

The Numbers

We are given a run down of the numbers for each tribe.

            E                                                          W

Judah-      74,600                         Ephraim-    40,500

Issachar- 54,400                         Manasseh- 32,300

Zebulun-   57,400                         Benjamin-  35,400

Total-         186,400                        Total-           108,100

             S                                                          N

Rueben-    46,500                         Dan-             62,700

Simeon-    59,300                          Asher-         44,500

Gad-           45,650                          Naphtali-   55,400

Total-          151,450                          Total-           157,600

The Overhead View

As depicted in the picture above, since the camps have to be set in cardinal directions only as wide as the temple but can go as far in length as needed you would be able to see the formation of the cross if you had an overhead view. 

You can draw it out, use the camp of Ephraim as the top/head of the cross. 

The Volume of the Book…..

Jesus tells us that the volume of the book is written of him. Who would have imagined that every that every aspect of the Bible spoke of Jesus, even the way they camped! God truly is an amazing master communicator. I hope you enjoyed this content. 

Thank you

God Bless,

J.W. Jenkins

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