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Sword of Prophecy

Bible Prophecy

In a previous post we came to agreement that there is a structure in the Bible that revolve around the number seven, this is called the heptadic structure. Given the great Importance that this number has been given I would like to share a theory about the time of the end. I want to clearly express this as a theory, meant to simply share it with the reader and encourage a deeper study by the reader.

The Creation of Man

In Genesis God created Adam, this was the first man and then from Adam God made Eve, the first woman. They ate of the forbidden fruit that God told them not to eat of and sinned. This sin would come to affect the entirety of existence, not just mankind, but the entire earth and its inhabitance. There was no death before sin, this would include Adam, Eve, and the various animals. Because of this sin God allowed death to enter the Earth, this means that at some point, the Earth must die.

It is thought that this happened around six thousand years ago.

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The Flood

From the creation to the flood it is thought that two thousand years passed. Lets keep in mind that man was created on the sixth day and the creation and extinction events have to do with the entire Earth not just man.

After mankind had become so full of sin, God decided that it was time to put an end to His creation. One, in the person of Noah was found to be without blemish.

(This is a simplified version due to the Nephilim breeding with the human women,  but that is for another post)

God spared Noah and his family by allowing him to build an ark and putting each of the animals on the ark so that Gods creation could live on.


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Christ Ministry/Messiah

Two thousand years after the flood Jesus Christ, the only begotten son of God began his ministry as our Messiah. This is proven by his fulfillment of Old Testament prophecies, over 400 of them.

Though there is no doubt that he is our Messiah now, some doubted it then and he was crucified for it, thus fulfilling prophecies such as Isaiah 53.

He promised that he would return.

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Armaggedon/ End of the Age

I want to take this moment to reemphasize this is simply a theory I came across that held a certain logic to me.

Jesus began his ministry ALMOST two thousand years ago. Are we seeing a pattern yet?

Let us look at a couple symbolisms we see thus far as it pertains to man and our current wind up to the six thousand year mark. Man was created on the sixth day. The number of man is six. Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, Eastern Rome and Western Rome (two legs on the statue) and finally the feet of iron and clay make six iterations of failed human governments.

If this holds true then using a basis of either Jesus Christ ministry or his death holds the key to the six thousand year mark being either around 2030 or 2033, keep it simple and not making a fuss about calendar changes throughout history. I want to further propose that it would happen on the Feat of Trumpets, the last feast on the Jewish calendar, also known of as the Feast of No Man Knows the Day or the Hour. I would like to propose further that it would happen at the end of the feast, there are 100 blast from the shofar, the hundredth is called the Last Trump.

All this being said, lets not fear. This is the end of human governments, not humanity. Remember this is part of a heptadic structure, the structure of sevens in the Bible, we still have one event left until the end of the Earth.


To fully follow through the structure of seven for this end time theory we can rejoice!

After passing through the six thousand years of human governments we have a one thousand, or millenial reign of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!

jesus reign

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