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ELS Proves Jesus in Isaiah 53

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Equidistant Letter Sequencing

First thing to answer would be, what is ELS? ELS is a
acronym for Equidistant Letter Sequencing. In 1994 a major publication called Statistical
Science published an article called report #3, volume 9: Equidistant Letter Sequences in the Book
of Genesis.
(click to read full report) This was no ordinary man off the
street or even a religious figure that wrote this report, these were the
mathematical geniuses of the day. What was more telling of ELS being a viable
theory is what happened next. 

The article caught the attention of a man named Harold Gans,
the Senior Cryptanalyst for the NSA (National Security Agency). Mr Gans created
his own program to test the veracity of ELS that showed the P value
(probability value) of the theory. The lower the P value the higher the
probability, it was the lowest P value he had seen. 

Before we begin we need to understand that ELS is not Numerology.
 In ELS you must counts equal letters from the first letter you use to
form a word that is hidden in the text. So if it is 10 spaces between the first
and second letter then it must remain 10 spaces for every consecutive letter
after that. 

So, cloak and dagger agencies aside, where does Jesus fit in
to ELS?

Yacov Ramsel, a Jewish man, who switched from Judaism to
Christianity after discovering these two ELS phenomena used this method to find
not only the name of Jesus in the text he was researching, but Jesus as an
answer to the question the text was asking!. 

In Isaiah 53 the suffering servant is described. I would
venture to say that every Christian knows that the passage is talking about
Jesus Christ since every descriptor is pinpoint accurate to the suffering HE
went through on the day of his crucifixion. But just in case we had question.
In 12 letter intervals in the Hebrew language a message appears: "Jesus is
my name".  WHAT! WAIT!

Not only did this passage describe Jesus, hidden within the
passage, it named him! Might I also add this was written over 600 years prior to
Jesus being crucified.

There are more of these phenomena throughout the Bible but
for now this should satisfy even the toughest critics. 

Thank you, 

God Bless, 

J W Jenkins


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