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The Old Testament

In Christianity the first 39 books of the Bible are called the Old Testament, in Hebrew it is the Tanakh. The first five books are commonly called the Torah in Hebrew and were written by Moses. The Old Testament is filled with prophecy about Jesus, over 400.

Old Testament Figures

A few of the prominent people from the Old Testament



Noah was without blemish in his day and when God decided to wipe out humanity, He spared Noah and his family by having Noah build an ark and fill it with animals to weather the 40 day/night flood.



Moses was born to a Hebrew slave in Egypt. He was spared a murderous spree of the Pharoe's when he was set afloat in a basket and ended up raised as an Egyptian prince. God used him to free the Hebrews from Egyptian slavery.



Daniel was a Hebrew of royal descent that was taken captivity into Babylon after the Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar conquered Jerusalem. Daniel had a stellar career in Babylon through three kings all while keeping his loyalty to God and not adhering to the pantheistic view of the Babylonians. He was a great prophet that explained Nebuchadnezzars statue dream.

A Salvation Prayer

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